Since founding my company more than 20 years ago, I have been working together with the company Precolombinos in order to establish and make use of market opportunities for their products. Our companies worked determinedly and systematically to bring pre-Columbian jewellery – which differs greatly from conventional industrial goods – onto the international markets. Since the beginning of our partnership, we are thus not only fighting against unemployment and inequality in Colombia, but also for better living conditions and future of the employees and their families.
The following principles of fair trade are observed in the workshop in Colombia: that no child or forced labour is permitted, the rejection of discrimination (due to race, skin colour, gender, or political opinion etc.), appropriate wage payments to all employees, decent and healthy working conditions, as well as transparency and readiness for inspection.

Our business partners regularly invest 3% of sales in the education and training of its employees. Monthly earnings and benefits are well above the Colombian standard.

All necessary safety precautions are in place to protect the workers especially from the chemical processes for the refinement of the jewellery.

Today 42 people work together in a well-lit, clean workshop; 32 of these are goldsmiths, 5 in administration and 5 in material technology.

Our producer cares very much about protecting the environment of our country and therefore all the water that is used in the production and is polluted by chemical processes, is collected in a tank, cleaned and recycled.

Regular visits are made to strengthen our partnership relationship, where each time we also ensure that the above-mentioned working conditions of the employees are respected.

• The topics discussed during these visits are, amongst others: fair and reasonable prices for our producers, maintaining our long-term trading contracts, as well as transparency over our trade routes and pricing.

• Furthermore, we give free advice for the further development of designs and ideas for a new collection, concerning the colours and tastes in style that are currently in flow for the jewellery in Europe.

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