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The gourmet coffee offered by us for sale and tasting is labeled "Café de Colombia". It is a "100% certified" Arabica Excelso bean, which is selected by hand, in order to keep the quality of the coffee "Colombia 100%" at an international level very high. The cultivating region of the high-quality Excelso beans is located in the coffee triangle of Colombia, where the unique coffee beans grow on green slopes at a height of 1,200 to 1,800 meters above sea level. The fruity taste and an intense aroma characterize the highland Arabica.
The traditional roasting of the green coffee beans "Colombia 100%" takes place in Spain, to ensure the freshness and high quality on the European market. Furthermore, a gentle roasting process ensures that our coffee contains low acidity and little bitterness, which are very easy to handle. The distribution of our coffee is exclusively through the GALERIA ELDORADO at the different gourmet and slowfood fairs.