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Constanza Ordoñez de Meisel


Born, raised and educated (Diploma in Economics) in Colombia, in 1985 I ended up in Frankfurt am Main, thanks to a scholarship of the DAAD, where I was able to continue my studies, begin my first job (in an international bank) and start my own family. My cultural roots and ties to my home country and my native town of San Augustín (the archaeological capital of Colombia - UNESCO World Heritage), however, led me to leave my job, in order to devote myself to the research into the design and methods of manufacturing of jewellery inspired by pre-Columbian cultures.

For 20 years we have been inspired by the great variety of shapes of the mysterious pre-Columbian arts to design our collection of timeless variations in a classic look. We work with well-versed artisans in Columbia, which have passed down their knowledge from generation to generation in order to manufacture these gorgeous replicas (and are continually refining the processes). We have committed ourselves to the intensive search as well as the world-wide distribution of handmade, high-quality replicas of pre-Columbian jewellery. In many countries these kinds of jewellers are held in the same esteem as gold jewellers.

The originals of these replicas can be admired in the most famous museums all over the world. They are exhibited, for instance, at the Museum del Oro in Bogota, at the Völkerkundemuseum in Berlin, at the Museum de las Americas in Madrid and at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

They are:

-Fantastic and of provocative elegance 
-From generation to generation inherited tradition 
-An expression of pronounced personality 
-At the same time modern, beautiful creations 
-The warm colour of real gold together with the intense colours of the stones 
-Timeless design 
-Classic appeal, suitable with all combinations 

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